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Helicopter Toys

Start with a cheap, durable and easy to fly mini helicopter that are flown indoors. Popular are the Apache Army, Huey Millitary and Bell models. 2 to 3-channel controllers and co-axial rotors keep it simple for kids to fly.

Remote Control Helicopter Toys

Best would be to go to your local department or toy store in the mall and have a hands-on try flying the model you like. But if you would rather shop online and have the item shipped as a gift to someone, visit the buy r/c helicopters section of this site for a list of online hobby stores.

Here are some popular helicopter toys and estimated sale price. Prices can be as cheap as $19 USD, complete and ready to fly. Wow, these are really cheap helicopters! Read my mini helicopter toy review of the Road Rats mini infrared to see why I love playing with this toy so much.

Helicopter Toys

Est. Price

Road Rats Mini Helicopter

Hughes 300

Army Chinook 3CH Electric RTF 

Intelli Heli 3CH

Syma Bell 206 3CH

RC AH-64 Apache RTF 4 CH

Pocket Apache 3CH

Syma Double Horse 9087 3 CH Co-Axial Rotor RTR 

3CH Hawk RTF Mini

Apache Longbow 2CH RTF

Electric 3CH Super Stable Apache RTF

Remote Control Dragonfly 4 CH

Lightning Mini Electric 2CH RTF

RC Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter

Giant 2 Foot Electric 2CH Apache RTF RC

















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