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Once you have mastered flying toy co-axial rotor helicopters, it is time to try the more challenging and fun single rotor, hobby quality radio controlled helicopters.

Radio Controlled Helicopters

One of my favorite is the E-flite Blade mSR (pictured above). It is small, realistic and very fast. Challenging to learn how to fly, but once you get the hang of it you will have so much fun.

Start off with a 4-channel, single fixed pitch rotor heli. Buy the micro electric models that can be flown in your living room. These are small yet very durable when crashing.

Tip: When about to crash, pull the throttle stick all the way down to cut the power. This will minimize damage when the rotor hits the ground.

I've also flown these in my backyard in light wind conditions, see video below on how much fun it is. My son Aston loves to watch. Maybe later I'll let him try it out!

Here are some popular models and their estimated selling price. These are cheap considering the high quality micro electronics used (e.g. 2.4GHz transmitters, gyros, lipo batteries).

Below are 4-channel models with fixed pitched rotor, electric powered, primarily for indoor flight but can be flown outdoors as long as it is not windy. For beginner and intermediate flyers.

Radio Controlled Helicopters

Est. Sale Price

E-flite Blade mSR RTF

E-flite Blade mSR BNF

Heli-Max Novus FP

Walkera Dragonfly 4#3B V2 Brushless 2.4GHz RTF

Walkera CB180Q 4CH Metal Upgrade Helicopter RTF

Walkera Dragonfly 4#3B 2.4GHz Helicopter

Esky Honey Bee FP








Buy R/C Helicopters
Where you can buy ready to fly (rtf) helicpoters from recommended online hobby shops.

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