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Mini Helicopter Toy Review - Road Rats Infrared Indoor Heli

I was in the mall with my son when we passed by Toys R Us. A mini r/c helicopter toy caught my eye as it was cute at seemed easy to fly even for my kids. Upon closer look it was called a Road Rats 3-channel mini infrared helicopter.

Photo of Mini Helicopter Toy Infrared

Photo of the Road Rats Speed Thunder 3-channel mini infrared helicopter.

The store clerk flew it and it was very easy to fly and control. And for $29 USD I quickly bought it.

Mini Helicopter Review

At home I quickly opened the box. Included was the heli, transmitter, 3.7v lipo battery and 6AA batteries for the transmitter. There was even a spare blade rotor.

The transmitter had a connector which plugs into the mini heli to charge the 3.7 flight lipo. Charging was quick, only took around 30 minutes. I then cleared some space in my living room and started to fly.

Mini R/C Helicopters

Photo of my mini r/c helicopter flying in the living room.

It was easy. The left throttle stick controlled up and down, while right throttle stick controlled the left/right, forward and backward movement. There was also a trim knob to center the heli during flight.

Mini R/C HeliFlight time was a surprise. Around 10 to 12 minutes on a single charge. This is very good for electric powered helicopters. And the lipo can be recharged several times in succession, just let it rest for approximately 30 minutes before recharging.

I had so much fun that day and played with my new toy for about 50 minutes. My 9 year old daughter Porsha wanted to try. The heli was so easy to fly she was able to hover and make basic front and back flying on the first battery pack.

And even after several crashes, the Road Rats infrared heli just kept on flying.

All in all I give mini rc toy helicopters a very high fun rating. A great way to relax and get started in the hobby. A great toy gift if you ask me.

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