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Beginners Guide to Radio Control (R/C) Helicopters

BuyRCHelicopters.com is a simple and concise online guide to help you choose and buy a toy or hobby quality rc helicopter. Reviews, photos, videos and flying tips to help you avoid a crash.

I love flying, it is relaxing and reduces stress. Bottom line it is a very fun hobby.

RC Helicopters Guide

Have fun flying!

Guide to R/C Helicopters

Below topics are written for beginners and those starting out. In order from the cheapest and simplest to the more complex and exciting hobby quality kits. 

Remote Control Helicopter Toys

Remote Control Helicopter Toys

Start with a cheap, durable and easy to fly mini helicopter that are flown indoors. Popular are the Apache Army, Huey Millitary and Bell models. 2 to 3-channel controllers and co-axial rotors keep it simple for kids to fly.

Radio Controlled Helicopters

Radio Controlled Helicopters

Next level would be electric hobby quality helis like the 4-channel E-flite MSR micro. More speed, manuverability and challenging to fly. Good training for those thinking of getting into bigger helicopters.

Electric R/C Helicopters

Electric RC Helicopters

These are the 6-channels and above mini helicopters than can do 3D flight at the hands of experienced pilots. Powered by 400 size and above electric motors.

There are good heli trainers such as the E-flite Blade 400 for beginners to learn how to fly. Get lessons from an experienced pilot.

Yes, these helis can fly upside down!

Radio Control Helicopter Lessons

Radio Control Helicopter Lessons

  1. How to Fly
  2. Heli Manuals
  3. Helicopter Safety
  4. Coaxial, fixed pitch single rotor, collective pitch single rotor.

Buy RC Helicopters for Sale

Here is a list of recommended hobby stores where you can easily buy rc helicopters and simulators for sale online.

Manufacturer and Reviews

Best are companies that produce high quality equipment such as Align, E-flite and Heli-Max. The cheaper helis might look the same, but quality might be different. You might find that the cheaper brands may be difficult to control or fly. Or they might even break more frequently.

Save yourself the headache and start off with a good  radio control helicopter like the E-flite Blade mSR.


Blade mCX, CX3, mSR, 400, CP Pro 2


Dragonfly 4#3B, HM4G6


T-Rex 250, 450, 500, 700


Axe EZ, CP-L, Novus CX, FP, Axe 400


Belt CP, Lama V4, Honey Bee FP, Honey Bee King 3


Bell 206, Swift


Black Hawk 450 SE, Black Hawk 500 CCPM ARF


Cyclone Thunderbird


Ozone, Night Rancer 3D


Mini Cobra Army, Eagle 50, Chinook 47 Army, Genesis 450PE


Genius 250, Falcon 3D, Falcon 400 SE

RC Helicopter Video

Flying my e flite blade msr r/c helicopter in the backyard. Despite small size it can be flown outdoors as long as it is not so windy.

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Guide to Buying RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters Guide and Reviews
Guide to choosing and buying radio control helicopters for beginners. Reviews, flying tips, models, hobby shops and more.

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